Mobilize Recovery is BACK!

And this year, we are MOBILE! That’s right – Mobilize Recovery 2022 is making history and organizing across the country!

Traditionally, the Mobilize conference was held in Las Vegas at the Westgate Resort. Advocates and change-makers from all over would descend upon Sin City for a few days of connection, training, empowerment, and learning. Due to the global pandemic, the 2020 Mobilize Recovery convening was held virtually. In 2021, Mobilize was an exciting hybrid of limited in-person and virtual attendance. Check out the Mobilize Recovery 2021 Experience! It was nothing short of amazing!

This year’s unprecedented Mobilize is going to be like none other, and that is a heavy lift after the life-changing 2021 experience.

“It was incredible in 2021 to finally come together and see and hear from fellow peers from all over the country live and in 3D!” said New Jerseyan Ken Musgrove. “Incredible passion, energy and excitement after two years of disconnection where it often felt I was fighting the advocacy battle alone.”

Now in its fourth year, Mobilize Recovery Across America 2022 will launch from Las Vegas during Labor Day weekend 2022 and depart on a west to east cross-country bus tour highlighting the recovery experience that is so unique in different pockets throughout America.

“Mobilize means giving my community a voice and empowering people to make a change,” said Thomas Guerra, the Executive Director of The Miami Recovery Project. “Mobilize is absolutely more than a conference, it empowered me to start a Recovery Community Organization (RCO). That’s where the idea for the Miami Recovery Project was born.”

An initiative of the Voices Project and Recovery Advocacy Project, #MobilizeRecovery22 will make its way across America to meet you exactly where you are. We are literally bringing recovery advocacy and community organizing to your doorstep!

“Mobilize means a chance for me to renew ongoing relationships within that community. Plus it is a whole lotta fun!” said West Virginia advocate Bill Bradley.

At each tour stop, we will offer diverse trainings for the community, and peers will train community members on community-initiated care. There will also be overdose response support and local policy members will be in attendance to engage with their constituents. At every stop, communities will be brought together to highlight the recovery experience that is so unique in different pockets throughout America. With the support of brands such as Google and YouTube, all stops will have a virtual component so audiences can tune in from around the country to learn about how different areas of the nation are mobilizing to create change.

“For me, Mobilize is about celebrating diversity and recovery. It’s about bringing together communities and bridging gaps,” said Pennsylvanian Mobilizer Jordan Scott. “Mobilize isn’t a conference to me, it’s a family and the place where I finally figured out where I belong. Mobilize is where I found my community.”

There are so many exciting things happening for Mobilize Recovery Across America. Check out what we have planned!

  • Peers will train community members on mental health community-initiated care in community settings.
  • Overdose prevention education, training, & resources (such as naloxone) will be distributed at pop-up stations.
  • Policymakers will be engaged in listening sessions with residents in their hometowns.
  • Localized messaging and narrative training will be provided to community members & advocates involved in mental health, addiction recovery & drug policy advocacy.
  • Roundtables with local employers & businesses will be convened around topics such as mental health wellness for employees & recovery-ready workplace initiatives.
  • Families will be engaged through practical prevention tools & strategies offered by organizational partners & peers.
  • …and more!

But that’s not all! After all, we live in a digital society, and recovery advocacy is no different, right? In the spirit of accessibility and visibility, Mobilize Recovery 2022 will continue to build upon its impact, success, and reach by hosting this year’s national event also as an interactive virtual experience from September 30th to October 2nd, 2022!

Participation is free of cost for selected participants who complete the application process. During the interactive virtual experience, virtual conveners will be empowered to mobilize at the grassroots level, will learn ways to organize winning tactics, collaborate with a small cohort of other Mobilizers from all over, and learn how how to take their advocacy digital to win the hearts and minds of new advocates, stakeholders, and key decision-makers.

You don’t want to miss Mobilize Recovery Across America! Apply NOW and also submit your city, organization or project to be highlighted during the bus tour TODAY! We want to learn about how your community is mobilizing for recovery, and show the rest of the country!! Check back in July 2022 for the full tour schedule.

We can’t wait to see all of you Mobilizers in your city, in your town, in your state–and online!

“Mobilize Recovery has become a family,” said Maine advocate Marshall Mercer. ”An idea that has become greater than me represents a voice that has been lost in the wind – a platform where misfits like us can find our identity and speak our powers of truth!”

We are SO excited to see all of you in September as we make our way across the country! Don’t forget to tag all your posts and pics with #MobilizeRecovery. Send ALL your stories, pics, videos, TikToks, and any content that you want us to highlight – we will elevate your experiences and voices and give you all a platform to recover out loud! Please send any content to and also let us know if you (or your community) want to be featured in a future blog or vlog!!!