By Sheilah Powell

One phrase that is often synonymous with recovery and mutual aid support is meeting people where they’re at.  This mindset of honoring a person’s journey and experience is a prerequisite to reducing health disparities and fostering healthy recovery-friendly communities. Very often, people face barriers that impede their ability to recover how they want to and lead a healthy life. The systems in American society often leave those with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) incarcerated or without safe or stable housing, a license or transportation, medical insurance or adequate nutrition. As Mobilizers, it is our responsibility to help connect everyone to the Mobilize Recovery experience – the energy, the connection and the sense of belonging. This is why in 2022, we are taking the Mobilize Recovery experience on the road and bringing the movement to all corners of the country. 

Launching from Las Vegas during Labor Day weekend 2022, Mobilize Recovery Across America will depart on an unprecedented west to east cross-country bus tour highlighting the recovery experience that is so unique in different pockets throughout America. The 15-day tour will travel 3,000 miles from the west coast—across the heartland—landing in New York City on September 18th. Thanks to your passion and spirit, Mobilizers will show the world what recovery looks like in 2022!

While the undisputed home of Mobilize Recovery is Las Vegas, Nevada, organizers are thrilled to be able to create spaces throughout the country that celebrates the recovery experience outside of Sin City. Mobilize Recovery was held in Las Vegas in 2019 and 2021 and hosted virtually in 2020 due to the pandemic. While we will all miss the in-person camaraderie felt while in Las Vegas (and not to mention the Water Show at the Bellagio or the Fremont Street experience) we are also super stoked to see what recovery looks like in all different parts of the United States. We will be posting updates on our social media from now until the end of the bus tour and interactive experience at the end of September. 2022 is going to be a different and AMAZING experience! 

By taking Mobilize Recovery on the road, we are removing so many barriers for folks who could not attend other years. For example, some people who could not take the time off from work or could not afford to pay for a hotel and airfare can now get involved in Mobilize Recovery Across America. People with disabilities, medical issues or other restrictions that would not allow them for long travel can be included in Mobilize Recovery Across America this year. We are bringing the energy, the experience and passion to all the folks who couldn’t otherwise travel to Las Vegas for a few days. And we are so excited to meet you on your turf! 

We’re partnering with recognizable organizations, brands, & individuals across the country to bring the Mobilize Recovery experience to so many different communities. At each stop, community trainings will be offered, peers will train community members on community-initiated care, overdose response supports will be offered, local policy members will be engaged, and communities will be brought together to highlight the recovery experience that is so unique in different pockets throughout America. With the support of brands such as Google and YouTube, all stops will have a virtual component so audiences can tune in from around the country to learn about how different areas of the nation are mobilizing to create change.

Do you want your city or town to be selected for a stop on the Mobilize Recovery Across America tour? We want to learn about how your community is mobilizing for recovery! Submit your city, organization, or project to be highlighted during the tour. The full tour schedule will be announced this summer!