By Sheilah M. Powell

Please join Firm Foundation Recovery, MaryBeth Cichocki, and The Journey Church, to welcome the Mobilize Recovery Bus to Newark, Delaware on September 22 at 10 am! This portion of the event is open to all so register today! 

The public portion of the event will first welcome the #MobilizeRecovery bus as they make a stop in The First State, one of many stops along the 30-day nationwide Recovery bus tour. Don’t forget to claim your spot on the Mobilize bus and leave your name or that of a loved one, a short quote, or your recovery date. Whatever is meaningful to you!

The event’s second half will be by invitation only due to extremely limited seating inside the church. 

“We want to highlight how diverse, beautiful, and powerful the community of recovery is here in Delaware,” said Zack Bib, President of Firm Foundation Recovery. “Our focus is to create a welcoming, intimate environment for policymakers in Delaware to hear from members of the recovery community who have committed their lives to service and solution.” 

Firm Foundation Recovery is a nonprofit organization born out of the enormous need for a long-term faith-based resource for those with Substance Use Disorder in Delaware. 

“The importance of having this event during recovery month is to intensify the conversation about our state’s most glaring need,” Zack continued. 

Event organizers hope to discuss innovative recovery solutions to improve Delaware’s current level of care. 

Organizer MaryBeth Cichocki is a Delaware recovery advocate who lost her son, Matt, from an overdose in 2015 after he had back surgery and was prescribed OxyContin. Matt was not educated on how addictive the medication could be, MaryBeth said.  

“My goal for this event is to bring those in recovery together with the policymakers in our state in a safe, small, respectful environment allowing a nonconfrontational conversation to take place,” Marybeth said. 

“I’m hoping that listening to the real-life struggle of those who now are in recovery will enlighten those in power and lead to the opioid funding allocated to our state to be put into treatment programs, peer-to-peer education and certification, educating doctors on prescribing medication assisted treatment (MAT), and also funding scholarship programs allowing those uninsured and underinsured to access treatment and follow up care to ensure they remain sober.”

According to MaryBeth, mobilizing means creating action and enabling changes to occur for the greater good of the movement. She would love to see unity and communication increase between advocates and decision makers regarding funding and how addiction and recovery services are funded in the state.  

“The more our numbers increase the louder our voices, the harder we are to ignore.” 

MaryBeth, who is heavily involved with state legistlators, and other Delaware residents are very excited to be included in the Mobilize Recovery bus tour this year, and look forward to future collaboration.  

“This is such a meaningful event that will bolster our people in recovery to know that our small state can and will make a difference,” she said. “I believe this event will open their eyes and lead them to making decisions that will impact lives here in Delaware.”

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