By Sheilah M. Powell

Join us on Friday, September 9th from 5 to 7 pm for storytelling, coffee and connection at Awake Denver, a radically inclusive alcohol-free bar, bottle shop and coffeehouse with a mission to change the way we relate to each other.

You are all meaningfully invited to connect with the community of Denver for an evening of storytelling, fun, and comedy. Amongst the special guests will be Party Girl New York Times bestselling author Anna David, acclaimed comedian and Netflix star Eddie Pepitone, The Confessional podcast host Nadia Weber, Shamebooth founder Paula Williams, & more!

Anna David is the founder of Legacy Launch Pad, author, speaker and podcaster.   After 20 years of coaching writers and those in recovery, in addition to overcoming her own addiction and mental health struggles, Anna is a leading speaker on happiness in the workplace.

Eddie Pepitone aka the ‘Bitter Buddha’ is a master of the dark art of comedy. And is often coined as a modern day cross between Jackie Gleason, Don Rickles and Eckart Tolle all wrapped into one.  He is a comedian, actor, podcaster, writer and all around entertainer who can be seen in some shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Sarah Silverman Program, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Last Comic Standing, and Chappelle’s Show.

Nadia Bolz-Weber is an ordained Lutheran Pastor, founder of House for All Sinners & Saints in Denver, the creator and host of The Confessional and the author of three bestselling memoirs: Pastrix; The Cranky, Beautiful Faith Of A Sinner & Saint, Accidental Saints; Finding God In All The Wrong People and SHAMELESS; A Sexual Reformation. Nadia writes and speaks about personal failings, recovery, grace, faith, and according to her website she always sits in the corner with the other weirdoes. 

But that’s not it!  The Shamebooth is the brainchild of artist and interventionist, Paula Williams. What started as an idea to outfit a phone booth with a classic phone and invite people to record the things they are ashamed of has developed into a movement, with a booth that travels, a podcast, a website and more, according to the Shamebooth site.  

Not only will the event be amazing but the location is pretty rad! 

Awake Denver, is a nonalcoholic bar and coffee house with a mission to create space for peace, joy and justice-making in the community. Awake offers a wide variety of the highest quality alcohol-free beer, wine, spirits and cocktails along with healthy, high-quality food, live music, community events, and more. There is a steadfast belief at Awake that everyone is capable of socializing, connecting, AND having fun without the need to consume alcohol.

“There is a dramatic transformation going on in our culture and the market where people are choosing to go alcohol-free – for a night or the rest of their lives or all places in between – for a wide variety of reasons, notably in an effort to live a healthier, more present life,” said Founder Billy Wynne. “That’s why my wife and co-founder, Christy, and I quit drinking over 3.5 years ago.”

Tickets are $12 per person which covers the first non-alcoholic beverage to support Awake.  This event is open to all non-drinkers and friends of recovery. Come celebrate with us, we would love to share a non-alcoholic cocktail with you! 

“Our goal for the event is to welcome a diverse crowd from the community for an evening of fun and community-building. Overall, this is part of our mission to change the way we relate to each other and normalize the decision to live free of alcohol. We want everyone to feel at home and to have a great time.”

Register for the event today! Click here for more information on 2022 Mobilize Recovery Across America.